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24 November 2018

ZUNDE welcomes the fall of former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe, a dictator and tyrant who presided over the collapse of a once promising nation and envy of the international community. Emmerson MnangagwaWe give credit to and salute the people of Zimbabwe who have been fighting against Mugabe for the last two decades when even the military and war veterans were fiercely and solidly behind him. To the military and war veterans we say thank you for finally standing by the people. It must now be clear to you that today’s real heroes are the people of our great nation who, for so many years, consistently called for Mugabe to go.

It is for this reason that ZANU PF must never think the struggle against the oppressor was their war. They must abandon forever their sense of entitlement to rule our country. They must remember always that Zimbabwe belongs to its people of all races. Unless this is acknowledged, respected and protected, our progress to recovery and prosperity will remain in peril...
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