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A Case of Selective Succession

by Moses Chamboko

Time to look beyond Mugabe

by Moses Chamboko

ZANU PF’s greatest failure

by De Villiers Muchiringi
and Steve Mutusva

Resolutions of General Assembly

George Rutanhire’s unnecessary attack on Joice Mujuru

by Justice Benjamin Paradza
Exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe

War vets miss golden opportunities to demonstrate remorse

by Justice Benjamin Paradza
Exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe

Calls for unity gather momentum

by Moses Chamboko

Zimbabwe deserves better

by Nobukhosi Moyo in Bulawayo24 News

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Tribute to Kudzayi Mbudzi

by Moses Chamboko

Blunt and courageous – these are two words which best describe the late Retired Major General Saviours Kudzayi Mbudzi. News of his untimely death came to us as a shock. Some of us spoke to him just last week and he never said he was unwell.

Kudzaya Mbudzi

Some people fight for democracy throughout their lives. Kudzayi Mbudzi did just that. He had his conviction which he sadly but characteristically takes to the grave. If we were to say anything to him at this dark hour, it would be that “We will not give up on your lifetime fight for a democratic, peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe”.

Rest in peace courageous and genuine fighter! Read the complete tribute...

Stop treating Zimbabwe like a family tuck-shop

by Steve Mutusva and De Villiers Mushiringi

The Zimbabwean crisis is essentially a crisis of leadership. The problems that confront us today emanate from poor governance and the solution essentially comes from successfully addressing this... Read more...




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