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Zimbabwe's parastatal rot — when looting becomes second nature

by David Mutori and Benjamin Paradza
13 April 2017

Ever wondered why the Zimbabwe Government and its ministers find parastatals attractive despite them costing the taxpayer billions of dollars? Our previous article asked questions on the wisdom of the government taking over Telecel mobile network. This article explores the reasons and why the Telecel conundrum and indeed government ownership of parastatals are attractive to politicians but costly to the taxpayer.

Zimbabwe is known to have generated Rolls Royce parastatal related millionaires overnight without any explanation on how they made their money. In most cases Zimbabwe's miraculous millionaires do not have any business; they simply become millionaires through their relationship with government officials or parastatals.

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We will explore why ministers are very keen to be appointed into ministries that are responsible for parastatals by scrutinising the money trail and hypothesise on why the government would want to own Telecel despite the fact that they already own NetOne.

Parastatals are companies that are owned by the public/tax paying citizens. Traditionally, they are organisations... Read more...






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