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MDC squabbles risk derailing the democratic struggle

by Moses Chamboko
14 February 2018

Even if ZANU PF transformed itself into a truly democratic party, running a responsive and efficient government based on principles of good governance, and anchored in the rule of law; even if they transformed our economy, creating jobs in the process and restoring our prosperity, we would still need a strong and vibrant opposition. That is how democracy is sustained around the world. A strong opposition is not needed only when there is a failed and unpopular government. A strong opposition is an alternative government, a government-in-waiting that sets the bar for the incumbent administration.

There are those who have argued that, given the squabbles that characterise the main opposition party in the face of a seemingly transformed ZANU PF, there is probably no need to worry about the opposition any more. It is time to rally behind the ruling party. People may be forgiven for thinking that way. There is now political fatigue in our country. So much hope has been raised in the past and, for various reasons, it all faded into thin air at some point.

The current drama unfolding in the MDC-T could be seen as the derailment of the democratic struggle, considering that MDC is supposed to be the nucleus of an effective coalition. Morgan Tsvangirai has been the face of the struggle since 1999. He has played his part; he deserves our respect and a place of honour in our history. However, the fact of the matter is that leaders come and go while the cause they fight for remains. Strong institutions are built around values and principles, not around individuals and personalities... Read more...






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