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Who is abusing Mugabe?

by Moses Chamboko
21 December 2016

“I am sorry” is all that President Mugabe should have said a long time ago before leaving centre-stage. Such remorse, whether genuine or not, would have left him with some semblance of integrity. Waiting to die on the job (I would have said “in office” but we are told he now works from home most of the time, if he is not flying somewhere), will erode whatever legacy Mugabe had hoped to leave behind.Robert Mugabe

Electing to die in power demonstrates that President Mugabe does not care about his legacy, at all. He does not care about his colleagues that have been around him for many years. Neither does he care about his family. Most disappointingly, he does not care about Zimbabwe. If that was not the case, he would have stepped down at least ten or so years ago.

As a nation, we have reached a point in time when it does not matter who comes next for as long as Mugabe goes. If you are burning in a furnace, I am sure anything will be better than being in there. Read more...






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