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ZANU PF’s greatest failure

by De Villiers Muchiringi
and Steve Mutusva

Resolutions of General Assembly

George Rutanhire’s unnecessary attack on Joice Mujuru

by Justice Benjamin Paradza
Exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe

War vets miss golden opportunities to demonstrate remorse

by Justice Benjamin Paradza
Exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe

Calls for unity gather momentum

by Moses Chamboko

Zimbabwe deserves better

by Nobukhosi Moyo in Bulawayo24 News

Book Review

Dzino: Memories of a Freedom Fighter
by Wilfrid Mhanda
, ZUNDE's Founding Chairman.

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Time to look beyond Mugabe

by Moses Chamboko

The euphoria of 1980 evokes both shame and nostalgia. We are ashamed that what we thought we were celebrating is not what we ended up getting. At the same time, we have the nostalgia of emotionally welcoming home gallant sons and daughters who sacrificed everything to liberate our country, leaving behind multitudes in unmarked graves. We have the nostalgia of a new and promising nation not only in Southern Africa but on the entire African continent. Julius Nyerere called us the Jewel of Africa. Indeed we were, before ZANU PF vultures landed en masse!Maziwisa with Mugabe

We had very decent infrastructure by any standard, most of it inherited from the colonial regime which we managed to maintain for some ten years or so. We invested heavily in education and health. In no time, the University of Zimbabwe became known as the "Makerere University" of Southern Africa. Many students from the region had a dream to obtain a qualification from our university or serve their internship in our country. This included medical doctors and civil engineers from South Africa, Zambia and other countries. Read more...




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