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Calls for unity gather momentum

by Moses Chamboko

Zimbabwe deserves better

by Nobukhosi Moyo in Bulawayo24 News

Book Review

Dzino: Memories of a Freedom Fighter
by Wilfrid Mhanda
, ZUNDE's Founding Chairman.

Mugabe, Stop Eating our Children

by Justice Benjamin Paradza
Exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe

Tsvangirai flagrantly violates his own constitution

by Moses Chamboko

Response to war veterans communiqué

by Justice Ben Paradza
Exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans protest in Canberra

by Denis Moyo Hunt

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War vets miss golden opportinities to demonstrate remorse

by Justice Benjamin Paradza

It takes a real man to say sorry and accept responsibility for the wrong you have done, especially wrong done to your very own people. This is more than I can say for Douglas Mahiya after reading his interview with The Standard of 7 August 2016 published under the heading “Mahiya shoots from the hip”.

Douglas MahiyaI take issue with a number of the things said in that interview but his responses to the following questions are what struck me most and continue to worry me.

RC: Would you want to apologise for having allowed the situation to come to this?
DM: We would rather request the people to appreciate the efforts that brought independence. If we made mistakes, it was in the process of trying to do something.
We lost the most important part of our life to bring independence. What is important is to embrace each other and move forward.




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