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It’s time to put people before power

by Moses Chamboko
20 December 2017

After a promising start at independence, former President Robert Mugabe became hugely unpopular in the 1990s and his popularity plunged even more sharply at the turn of the century. His protracted term in office will forever be remembered for violence, corruption, electoral theft, poor economic policies and disregard for or, at best, selective application of the rule of law.

Ultimately, these crimes and failures gave birth to the “Mugabe must go” mantra, itself devoid of economic and social policy. For the past 17 years, Zimbabweans clamoured for Mugabe’s departure from public office. We could not see our country making any progress with him at the helm. We reminded him at every turn that he had failed dismally and must step down for the good of Zimbabwe. He stubbornly ignored this strident national call until eventually our men in the barracks realised that it could be ignored no longer. In what is now called a “clinical operation” in some circles, the generals finally stepped in, forced Mugabe to resign and presented Zimbabwe with a rare opportunity to start afresh, much to the delight of the Zimbabwean masses who flooded the streets in jubilation.

Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ascendancy to the presidency was undoubtedly endorsed by the people despite it having all the hallmarks of a coup. That must have jolted him to realise he carries the burden of people’s expectations on his shoulders. Mnangagwa’s inauguration speech raised people’s hopes even more. His recent address to the just ended ZANU PF special congress also sounded progressive, notwithstanding an archaic and unnecessary slogan... Read more...






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