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Zimbabweans cannot stomach empty promises

by Moses Chamboko

MDC squabbles risk derailing the democratic struggle

by Moses Chamboko

MDC must urgently put its house in order

by Justice Benjamin Paradza

It’s time to put people before power

by Moses Chamboko

Disappointing Cabinet – where Mnangagwa is leading us is where we are coming from

by Moses Chamboko


Who is the bogeyman - Mnangagwa or Mugabe?

by Moses Chamboko


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It is time we had leaders who listen

by Moses Chamboko
Secretary General of ZUNDE
18 June 2018

For all his shortcomings, real or imagined, Morgan Tsvangirai had two great strengths – humility and the ability to listen. My first direct interaction with him was in 1999 in Gaborone, Botswana, when he was on a regional tour campaigning against the draft constitution which was to be put to a referendum the following year. I next met and spoke to him almost twelve years later in Perth, Western Australia, when he was Prime Minister. I am yet to see his kind of humility, clarity and selflessness in any of those he left behind. Anokodzera korona (He deserves a crown).

Tsvangirai and Zvogbo

The only other Zimbabwean politician of repute whom I have known for similar traits was the late Eddison Zvobgo. These two men could talk to anybody on any day and would never interrupt you until you finished talking. Zvobgo would even ask "Mapedza?" meaning "Have you finished?" In contrast, former President Robert Mugabe thought he knew it all. He would not listen to anyone. In the process, he reduced... Read more






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