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ZUNDE challenges SADC to learn from The Gambia

An official statement by Zimbabweans United for Democracy published under the authority of Justice Benjamin Paradza, Exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe and President of ZUNDE.

22 January 2017

There has been a paradigm shift in African governance with African states intervening to safeguard and implement the democratic election result in The Gambia.

Swift, decisive action by ECOWAS (The Economic Community of West African States) has ensured that President Yahya Jammeh has relinquished power so that the legitimately and newly-elected President, Adama Barrow can take office.

This paradigm shift means that it is no longer dictatorship as usual in Africa. There is new respect for people’s democratic vote and ECOWAS has set a new benchmark for African governance to which other organisations such as SADC (The Southern African Development Community) must now conform.

There were three elements in the triumph of democracy in The Gambia:
1. The citizens were successfully engaged in the political process and were mobilised to vote;
2. The opposition parties put aside their petty differences and combined to present a united front;
3. There has been solidarity and decisive action by countries in the region;
and there we have the blueprint for removing the dictatorship in Zimbabwe.

ZUNDE is at the forefront of the Register Now and Vote in 2018 campaign to engage and mobilise the Zimbabwean populace. Read more...






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