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Chiwenga must resign

by Moses Chamboko
05 May 2017

When a serving soldier goes astray, there are many different types of remedial actions that can be invoked. The most common of these punishments is what is known as Confinement Barracks (CB), usually for minor transgressions like absence without official leave (AWOL) or inappropriate dressing.

General ChiwengaFor more serious offenses, Detention Barracks (DB) or de-rank or a combination, can be applied. De-rank is the equivalent of demotion in the civilian world. When the offense is more serious than this, a court marshall is usually commissioned and this can recommend dismissal, prison sentence or both. It is the highest military court.

Why is this important? General Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga has crossed the line not only once, but on several occasions, without any punishment or reproach. To make matters worse, given his seniority in the army, he cannot be tried by any military jurisdiction. The appointing authority, being the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, President Mugabe, is the only person who can call Chiwenga to order, but we know he will not. Constitutionally, parliament can also intervene, practically, can it? Read more...






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