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Zimbabweans cannot stomach empty promises

by Moses Chamboko
11 April 2018

The season for euphoria and empty promises seems to be upon us. It is that time when politicians say anything that pleases the crowds once they get access to the microphone. It resembles the “unopenga” era of Dr Stop It when she would say anything, including obscenities in front of school children. It is like when ZANU PF promised 2.2 million jobs in 2013 and, instead, thousands of people found themselves on the streets without a job.

Moses Chamboko

Not to be outdone in 2018, some of our friends are now promising intercity bullet trains and rural air services to airlift harvest from fields in rural communities to markets. While there is nothing wrong with having a dream or a vision, what do these promises say about our priorities? If you tell a starving family in Chibwedziva, Binga, Tsholotsho or Bocha that the new government... Read more






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