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Zanu PF youth leader roasts Mugabe

by: Moses Chamboko
30 May 2016

THE so-called million-man march, in actual fact a G40 rally, has come and gone with no million men in sight. When Mnangagwa consciously avoided well-rehearsed slogans in praise of Dr Amai chanted by other senior leaders, Zanu PF’s factionalism was laid bare.

However, despite the failure in projected numbers — perhaps 40,000 and most of them forced to participate — the event was some kind of a success but in ways not intended by the organisers. In front of world cameras, Zanu PF youths, through their deputy secretary Kudzai Chipanga, demonstrated that there are some people in the clueless and moribund party who have seen the light.Kudzai Chipanga

Chipanga did not mince his words when he addressed Mugabe directly, urging him to reign in his ministers with “misplaced priorities”. He reasoned that it is inappropriate for ministers to so frequently change luxury vehicles as if they were changing socks. This, he called “insubordination” given that the emperor doesn’t change cars so often. Of course he does, but it is not as obvious because he spends more time in the sky than on the ground.

Visibly frustrated, the youth leader went on to chide authorities for importing “maize from Zambia and Brazil”, (and exporting US dollars in the process) instead of purchasing maize grown in Zvimba, Rusape and other local communities.

He also wondered why villagers who go into gold panning to provide for their starving families are referred to as “makorokoza” or illegal miners whereas elsewhere they would be called small-scale miners. In the same breath, he wondered what happened to the “missing” $15 billion that has been topical for quite some time now.

Such public expression of frustration by a key wing of Zanu PF is nothing but a reflection of the national mood. You can imagine the magnitude of ordinary people’s anger with the Zanu PF leadership if loyal children of the so-called revolutionary party have had their patience stretched to the limit.

Further addressing the issue of ministerial incompetence and misplaced priorities, Chipanga also asked why ministers spend more time attending numerous conferences away from Harare than doing the work they were employed to do. In this regard, he offered, for free, Zanu PF conference facilities at the party head office to those ministers in the habit of absconding from duty under the pretext of attending conferences in resorts around Zimbabwe and abroad.

As he was saying this, some wondered whether Walter Mzembi is still Minister for Tourism or he has become the top tourist himself! Lately, he spends more time abroad than at home. The only reason why Chipanga did not mention this is because Mzembi is a known G40 sympathiser.

Zanu PF youths had no kind words for corruption, singling out ZIMRA in the process. They told Mugabe that ZIMRA officers live a lifestyle well beyond what their income could ever sustain. Of course, every Zimbabwean knows that ZIMRA is one of the most corrupt organisations but little did we expect that such condemnation would come from Zanu PF itself.

If the youth leader was not an active member of G40, he certainly would have asked Saviour Kasukuwere who was sitting not far from him, where he got the resources to build a mansion more in keeping with a Hollywood lifestyle than a government minister’s salary. Of course, the truth will come out one day and we will want our money back!

It would appear that the increasingly geriatric Mugabe never realised youths could raise such difficult topics directly with him, especially in public. In the business world, if an organisation fails, the first person to go is usually the chief executive officer, not line managers. By telling Mugabe to his face and in public that his ministers are not performing, Chipanga was indirectly telling Mugabe that he is not performing either. Read more...

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