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There is no ‘I’ in ‘ZUNDE’

Farai Mbira was a founding member of ZUNDE. He has played a significant role in establishing ZUNDE as a movement with a recognised presence in Zimbabwe. For that he deserves our gratitude.Farai Mbira t-shirt

ZUNDE is a team effort. We are about the politics of ideas and values, and we have no time for the politics of personalities. Sports coaches are fond of the aphorism that “there is no ‘i’ in ‘team’ – there is certainly no ‘I’ in ‘ZUNDE’. We have no time for a self-promoting leader.

Unfortunately, Farai Mbira has demonstrated that he has his own agenda and he has been using his position in ZUNDE to pursue it, unilaterally making executive decisions without first consulting the ZUNDE team. Zimbabwe has seen too much of that style of leadership and ZUNDE will never accept it.

Our leadership team recognises that the time has come for ZUNDE and Farai Mbira to part ways. His appointment as Interim President of ZUNDE has been withdrawn with immediate effect and he is no longer authorised to speak or act for ZUNDE. We thank him for his past contributions and wish him well as he goes off in his own direction to pursue his own goals.

Meanwhile ZUNDE remains solely committed to achieving our vision.

This statement is authorised and approved by the following senior leaders of ZUNDE who appointed Farai Mbira to the position of interim-President. That appointment is hereby rescinded.

Benjamin Paradza – Interim Vice President
Moses Chamboko – Interim Secretary General
John Huruva – Interim Secretary for External Structures

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