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Article 05 July 2016

by Moses Chamboko on behalf of Team ZUNDE

ZUNDE Supports Citizen Action

The citizens of Zimbabwe have had enough. We gained independence but, nearly 40 years later, we are still not free. It's time to finally confront our oppressors. Ordinary citizens have organised themselves to go onto the streets. We enthusiastically support them.Zimbabwean protestors at Beitbridge border post

ZUNDE congratulates citizen activists for their bravery, determination and spontaneous response to decades of misgovernance by a clueless government run by shameless thugs and looters who think that the only reason for being in government is to suppress the people and enrich themselves. Surely, the people cannot be quiet forever. Now that they have spoken, let them be heard.

ZUNDE unreservedly supports this intervention by the public which complements political pressure. We urge professional members of the uniformed forces to exercise maximum restraint and desist from carrying out illegal orders by vampires who enjoy feasting on the blood of innocent citizens. The constitution is very clear that citizens can demonstrate peacefully. This must be allowed and the security services must not provoke protesters as a pretext to crush them.

We implore our brothers and sisters in essential services such as legal practice and medicine to voluntarily come to the aid of innocent citizens that may be harmed by the moribund but brutal regime.

It's time for the opposition parties in Zimbabwe to follow the example of the citizenry and take united action without outsourcing our democratic fight to anyone.

It's time for all those who are genuine about the future of Zimbabwe to find each other at this crucial juncture.

It's time to build a credible, united alternative government.

It's time to come together and chart the way forward guided not by self-interest but by values and the willingness to serve, not seeking to be served.

Zimbabwe is our motherland. Together we can do it.

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