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Article 13 July 2016

by Moses Chahmboko on behalf of Team ZUNDE

ZUNDE condemns the persecution of Mufundisi Mawarire

Team ZUNDE condemns the persecution of Pastor Evan Mawarire disguised as a prosecution on clearly trumped up allegations that have no legal or factual justification whatsoever. We are not surprised by what this governmentMawawire in handcuffs has done to the man of God. They have done this before whenever they want to silence the people who challenge the evil they do. Parading the man of God in handcuffs before the world and his family is despicable. They want to silence him but he is not the only voice.

The only thing that is surprising about the arrest of Pastor Evan Mawarire is that it has not happened sooner. Their reaction was entirely predictable. We expected nothing else.
They can persecute Evan Mawarire but they cannot silence the people of Zimbabwe. Just as we saw in March 2007 when MDC leaders were brutalised by the evil regime which provoked international condemnation and precipitated the 2008 electoral defeat, there is clearly a replay of that episode, only that the players are different.

This is the time for genuine democrats to rally behind and support Evan Mawarire, regardless of where they are.

Through its careless but predictable response to protests, ZANU PF is expediting the coming together of Zimbabweans in our quest for justice, freedom, equality and wellbeing.

Mufundisi Mawarire, we are with you.


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