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Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly and Binding Resolutions

An extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly was held on Saturday August 6 in Monavale, Harare. All of ZUNDE’s eight active provinces were represented together with Youth and Women’s Assemblies. Positions (internal & external) that were procedurally confirmed prior to December 2015 were all retained except those explicitly addressed below.

The general Assembly, which was chaired by the National Chairperson, resolved that:

With immediate effect, Justice Benjamin Paradza takes over as interim President of ZUNDE replacing Mr. Farai Mbira. The former Interim President was acknowledged for his contribution during his tenure. He remains a member of ZUNDE.

The position of Secretary for Information and Publicity (National Spokesperson) be filled as a matter of priority. However, the positon remains vacant as aspiring candidates need sustenance assurances before committing themselves as this will jeopardise their current incomes.

Steven Mutusva remains in his role as National Coordinator working with the following Interim Provincial Coordinators:President of ZUNDE
1. Harare (Harare & Chitungwiza) – Mr M. Gutu, Mr T. Muzingi
2. Bulawayo – Mr A. Nkomo
3. Mashonaland Central – Mr A. Taruvinga
4. Mash East – Ms R. Zinyoro, Mr C. Murisa
5. Mashonaland West – Mr B. Godzongere, Mr C. Mungoshi,
    Mrs L. Mupambwa (also Deputy Chair, Women’s Assembly)
6. Midlands – Mr B. Billion, Mr D. Mushiringi
7. Masvingo – Mr R. Chuma
8. Manicaland – Mr P. Muusa, Mr A. Mukarakate, Mr J. Vengesai
9. Matebeland North – inactive
10. Matebeland South – inactive

The following Organs/ Assemblies are to be represented as follows:
Women’s Assembly Chair – Mrs M. Mavhezha,
Mrs L Mupambwa, Deputy
Youth Assembly – Mr R. Muswe,
Mr K. Hakata, Mr L. Maplazi
Security – Mr L. Chitovoro

More women be incorporated into the leadership. General Assembly noted with concern, the lack of women’s representation in the Youth Assembly.

Subject to resources, there be at least three (3) full-time officers for ZUNDE. These will be subjected to competence and security assessment / screaming and should include:
1. National Spokesperson
2. National Administrator
3. National Coordinator

Members should take advantage of social media and other channels to spread ZUNDE’s vision, mission and objectives far and wide.

ZUNDE should continue to take part in coalition initiatives for as long as they are in line with ZUNDE’s values and objectives.

All members should make an effort to make personal contributions towards ZUNDE’s programs and initiatives until such time that the organisation has secured funding.

Provincial coordinators work with the National Coordinator to establish structures around the country following which an elective General Assembly (Congress) shall be held, subject to resources.

Interim Secretary General


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