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ZANU PF’s greatest failure

by De Villiers Muchiringi and Steve Mutusva
19 September 2016

ZUNDE is appalled by the ZANU PF government’s move to fire 25 000 civil servants, cut off allowances and withhold bonuses for both the years 2016 and 2017. Civil servants in Zimbabwe have been on the windward side of history, being forced to work in terrible conditions and with no hope of receiving a sensible pension when they retire — not to mention the lack of health care services.

This comes against the background of severe cash shortages in the country, rising levels of food insecurity and mounting civil unrest. The greatest failure of the ZANU PF administration has been in failing to acknowledge that they have failed. Instead of dealing with the problems of corruption, incompetence, maladministration and kleptomania, ZANU PF has adopted behavior that echoes the infantilism they were exposed to by their colonial masters in erstwhile times.Mugabe with statue of himself

ZANU PF is spending outrageous amounts of money on individuals instead of paying civil servants. Mugabe can afford to go to Singapore more than 8 times a year for medical checkups and treatment. ZANU PF can even afford to pay for Mphoko’s two-year stay in a hotel or set aside over US$200 million to purchase luxury vehicles for ministers while civil servants wallow in poverty. The party sponsors lavish birthday parties for its leader costing millions while genuine war veterans are reduced to the status of beggars and squatters.

They should save millions by calling a halt to all unnecessary trips to foreign countries and use the country’s ambassadors to represent them as is their proper role. They should trim the excessively large cabinet which is tired from continuous recycling. Grace is not a member of cabinet and yet millions are spent on sponsoring her meaningless rallies which require the use of helicopters and ferrying people from faraway places. All this wastes scarce state resources that could be used to remunerate the hardworking men and women in the civil service and buy basic drugs for our hospitals and clinics.

ZUNDE is watching with growing concern the blunders ZANU PF continues to make in the face of the economic tsunami that has inundated our country. Instead of unveiling a working solution to the country’s problems, the country’s leader unveils a statue of himself. The ZANU PF administration has repeatedly failed to offer lasting remedies to Zimbabwean’s crisis and have resorted to intimidation, election rigging and outright theft. In the face of looming disasters, opposition political parties must unite against their one common enemy — the ZANU PF administration.

This is because the ruling party has over the years devised a strategy meant to selfishly maintain their dominance of the local political sphere. The ZANU PF system involves aligning themselves with the country’s repressive state apparatus with a view to arm-twist them to further their agenda. In the ZANU PF system of control, alliances are won through corrupt means; elections are won by any means necessary and at any cost; voices of dissent are silenced; the truth is bluntly denied; state media is continually abused; opposition is not tolerated; and criminals are protected as long as they are sympathetic to the ruling party. The law is applied to restrict the opposition and never to restrain ZANU PF. ZANU PF is identified with Zimbabwe and vice versa. In their view, whoever opposes ZANU PF opposes the state. Their leader is an eternal ruler. Fresh ideas and reforms are regarded as regime change and regime change is treasonous.

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