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Stop treating Zimbabwe like a family tuck-shop

by Steve Mutusva and De Villiers Mushiringi of Team ZUNDE

The Zimbabwean crisis is essentially a crisis of leadership. The problems that confront us today emanate from poor governance and the solution essentially comes from successfully addressing this. Instead of mapping out a realistic way forward for the cash strapped country, Zimbabwe’s leaders are busy teaching history lessons about the liberation war that took place years ago — a liberation war that resulted in independence but not freedom for Zimbabweans, a liberation war from which only a handful of party cronies and kleptomaniacs benefitted at the expense of the real heroes who fought for our freedom. Zimbabwe continues to suffer from decisions made by individuals who are not experts in their areas of responsibility. We do not need 60 ministers or 360 MPs to govern our country. We have an extraordinary number of civil servants on the payroll but real workers are not being paid on time. Our civil service bill annually consumes over 80% of the country’s budget.

ZANU-PF_hate_graffitiThose in high office are paid for extravagantly touring the world at the taxpayer’s expense. The suffering masses only get promises of sovereignty and prosperity and nothing else of any substance — just speeches and endless sloganeering. Those who steal from the public coffers are not arrested but defended by the highest office. Zimbabwe is a nation beleaguered by mafia-style thugs who get around in Saville Row suits and spew sugarcoated lies on national television. Zimbabwe is now looking for servant leadership that fears God and has its people at heart. We need leaders who preach and practise a code of unity, prosperity and equality for all.

Since 1980, when the Mugabe regime “took” power, they have looted the country’s resources while protecting thieves and murderers who commit atrocities in broad daylight. The regime commandeered a once promising economy and steered it off the road into the ditch of unemployment spiralling at over 90%, coupled with a poor health delivery system and laughable education standards where party cronies attain PhDs at institutions of higher learning in only three months. It is even scrawled all over public toilets that ZANU PF has failed the economy but continues to blame anyone else but themselves.

If we were to compile all the crimes and misdeeds of ZANU PF, the books would be so thick that even a bookworm would not have the stomach for them. In spite of all this, ZUNDE proposes that we cast aside negativity and focus on the potential good that can be achieved through working together. Some in opposition have followed the example of ZANU PF who stole and mismanaged state funds and then suffered the embarrassment of being fired by ZANU PF chefs for apparent corruption. ZUNDE is on a path of reform and wishes to underscore the importance of working together for the good of the people. We should move away from hate speech and derogatory labelling and sloganeering. Zimbabwe is like a ship that is sinking while the crew argue about the quality of their rescue boats. This is a time that calls for rapid and effective action. ZUNDE however preaches a message of giving each other chances. ZANU PF should give others the chance by allowing room for ideas instead of manipulating the platform. Continued next page...



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