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Jonathan Moyo is a tiny drop in an ocean of corruption

by Moses Chamboko
01 December 2016

A stubborn fact that many Zimbabweans conveniently forget when we reflect on corruption in our country is that President Mugabe and his administration have no history of sacrificing loyal or useful lieutenants for corruption. In shame, Morris Nyagumbo carelessly took his own life in the late 80s following the Willowgate Scandal which the Sandura Commission competently exposed. Nyagumbo was not sacrificed. In fact, his partner in crime, Fredrick Shava was promoted.

Mugabe and Moyo – partners in crimeIn a tiny and struggling economy where USD15 billion vanishes into thin air, the president appears on national television admitting it and yet nobody is arraigned before the courts for that great disappearance or theft - why then should anybody expect  to see  Jonathan  Moyo done  for a mere USD400k?  This is mere pocket  money in  ZANU  PF lingo though it takes a decent professional in  the  developed  world 25 years to pay off  a mortgage  of  the  same value.

I am one of those Zimbabweans opposed to the re-introduction of the Zimbabwe currency  in any name, shape or form  for as long  as we do not have sound economic fundamentals to support it. However, there are times when I tend to think that Zimbabweans deserve the Bond Note. They are one of a few nations on earth that have become used to abusing the Greenback to an extent where they almost reduced it to an ordinary currency.

When a government minister sues his colleague for more than USD10 million in a very minor defamation case, then you know we are not talking about the same American dollar as we know it. In courts, ordinary citizens are charged as much as USD500 in bail for very minor offences like pointing a finger at or uttering “derogatory” words in front of the presidential portrait! But I digress.
Not long before he was kicked out of ZANU PF, former Energy Minister, Dzikamai Mavhaire, was taken to task for allegedly diverting USD40k to mai Mujuru’s political activities while she was still the vice president. True to tradition, the matter died a natural death along the way. It may only be revived when it suits the emperor, usually close to elections in order to keep the monkey busy.

The First Lady was implicated in the VIP Housing Scheme when she built a mansion in Chivhu which later became nothing but a white elephant. What happened to her? Nothing. Her brother, Reward Marufu looted the War Victims Compensation Fund with impunity. His “punishment” was a diplomatic post to Canada.

Sydney Gata presided over ZESA’s collapse. He was Mugabe’s brother-in-law. PTC, GMB, NRZ, ZISCO and many other organisations suffered the same fate. At independence, donors funded the demobilisation exercise on which millions were spent. There is no doubt that most of the aid ended up in private pockets. One needs to be extremely naïve or gullible to believe that President Mugabe was not aware of all this rot. Tacitly if not actively, he supports this institutionalised madness.

Jonathan Moyo did not need much effort to convince the emperor that he was innocent, by ZANU PF standards. He publicly admitted that he diverted Zimdef funds to ZANU PF activities. It is possible that Moyo proved his case beyond doubt and it would be foolish for Mugabe to sacrifice a foot soldier doing exactly what the party expects – kufamba mugwara remusangano! continued next page...



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