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ZUNDE has significant Diaspora and global influence owing to its origin. We have experienced true and fake democracy around the world. We know the real difference between the two.

Today, we raise our unwavering voice to the opposition again and say without fear or favour that the current path some of them have taken towards building a coalition has hallmarks of failure. Let us go back to the drawing board, reflect seriously on experiences of the past and dreams for the future. Let us try hard to do the right thing. Two opposing or competing blocs seem to be emerging, one on the left and another on the right. Some are simply oscillating between the two. The latest formation is Mass Opposition Movement (MOM), itself a metamorphosis or extension of Code. On the other end of the spectrum, MDC-T has signed MoUs with NPP and MDC. We don’t think ordinary Zimbabweans really know what that means or entails and yet they are the primary stakeholder in all this.

Let us avoid and condemn opposing initiatives that are not only disastrous, but self-defeating. We have started shouting at each other, fighting for imaginary positions and saying that if this or that person won’t lead the coalition, we are not in. That is premature, childish and self-serving. Where are interests and aspirations of our real master in all this, the people?

Before anybody talks about potions, let us have a collective agreement on what a united movement must achieve, what processes to follow, what systems and structures to put in place. Let us clearly define our objectives, deliverables and timeframes and take the same back to the people for endorsement. Signing secret pacts in Harare or Cape Town that exclude key stakeholders outside traditional political structures and leadership will not fly, it’s doomed to fail. This is a national project that must be owned by the people and must be taken seriously at every level.

Let us talk more about tasks and roles, not positions. Let us have and respect the basic understanding that not everyone can lead the coalition. The best and most suitable candidate must be given the task. Why is that so difficult to understand?

If anybody is serious about the united opposition but does not know how to go about it, ZUNDE stands ready to provide the required guidance as we have done on many other issues before. Let us unlock the coalition conundrum now, for the better of our potentially great nation. And remember, we don’t have time.

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