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Marujata vs Nathaniel Manheru - signs of a crumbling empire continued

Going underground would have been the most reasonable thing to do but it is now too late, she has blown that chance. She has stepped on too many toes and very few will ever forgive her. Whatever she is doing now is either public posturing or genuine stupidity. It is likely to be both!

As for Charamba, he is a civil servant whose salary is paid by the government, just like a teacher in Nembudziya or a nurse in Chibwedziva. God knows what makes him think that he is now a super minister of some sorts. If Zimbabwe was like other normal countries, Charamba would have been relieved of his duties a long time ago. He no longer qualifies to be a civil servant. He talks as if he works at ZANU PF Head Quarters.

Marujata has carelessly set the whole village on fire. Unless firefighters move in fast, everything is going to be razed to the ground. It is now a matter of the First Family on one side with the army and war veterans on the opposite. The crucial point will be when the army and the veterans finally come to their senses and decide to stand with the people, the same people who made them what they are today.

It would appear that the empire is finally crumbling and the emperor is totally nak3d but none of his sons or daughters is brave enough to tell him so. We are heading for dangerous or interesting times. Either way, change is imminent, exactly what Zimbabwe needs.

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