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ZANU PF sideshows – a mere distraction continued...

For all her past failures (perceived or real), excluding her from the coalition could be disastrous. If anything, she is likely to hold the balance of power should the election be tightly contested. Let us work with them.

Nkosana Moyo, assuming he finally has his Damascene moment and realises the true nature of Zimbabwean politics, must be given a chance too. He and Simba Makoni are decent and respectable technocrats. Neither of them would disappoint in the ministry of Foreign Affairs. Fadzayi Mahere, Evan Mawarire and many others must be seen as allies and not competitors.

Benjamin Paradza, exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe, has spent the last ten years reflecting seriously on what has gone wrong in his native country and could write the definitive text on how not to run a nation. He is passionate about sound policy, good governance and constitutionalism. He is a wonderful asset.

There is a lot more talent around the world including our most successful but humble businessman, Strive Masiyiwa. In Zimbabwe, democratic fighters have defiantly remained in the trenches despite the dangerous risks they encounter daily. The two forces must pull in the same direction for Zimbabwe to move forward. Let us all understand and accept that there is always a place for everyone in the democratic struggle. It is time to focus on our nation, not on self-aggrandisement.

While the issue of names is perhaps trivial, if I was forced to suggest an inclusive brand for the coalition, I would probably call it Zimbabwe Opposition Alliance or Movement, Zimbabwe Democratic Alliance or something similar. However, the last thing we must do is to waste our time and energy fighting over a name.

As ZANU PF appears to be busy squabbling, they have agencies on the ground that are busy stealing the next election. I would not be surprised if militias are already being deployed across the country and some teams are working on how they can manipulate, scuttle or at least frustrate the BVR project. All eyes must be on the ball. It is time to focus on what is most important as we prepare for 2018. Ongoing sideshows in ZANU PF are a mere distraction that we must not be excited about.

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