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ZUNDE urges mass public demonstration continued...

Zimbabweans must begin this mass demonstration now by registering to vote. Each one must have the courage to do whatever it takes to register, whether you have to walk or commute to the ZEC office, whether you have to stand in an interminable line, even if you have to come back tomorrow because they have closed for today or they have run out of forms before registration even begins!Whatever it takes

Even then your job is not done. Individually and collectively we have to maintain the rage, initially by talking to our brothers and sisters and encouraging each one to register to vote. In particular, we must talk to our youths to inspire them to register to vote. Our young people have the numbers. They are the ones who will rebuild Zimbabwe as well as the ones that are suffering the most. Some of them do not know what a payslip looks like yet they have degrees and have been looking for employment since they left university.

To those in the diaspora we say: Do not accept your disenfranchisement. If your situation does not enable you to be in Zimbabwe to register and vote, you can still make the difference by encouraging your family members and friends to register now and vote in 2018.
We must maintain the rage as the months go by, talking to one another, encouraging one another, building up the momentum for a massive voter turnout on election day. That is the mass public demonstration that ZUNDE is calling for.

Of course ZANU PF and their ZEC stooges will try to frustrate us and contrive to rig the elections once again. They have already begun by allocating more voter registration facilities in some regions or ethnic communities compared to others. They will throw up administrative and procedural hurdles and there will be inadequate numbers of electoral officers and insufficient quantities of official forms. There will be unexplained failures of the BVR machines and the process will become interminably slow. We must be determined and persistent. Each one must do whatever it takes to register to vote. It is better to be on that queue for hours than endure another five long years of ZANU PF misrule and madness.

It will be the prime role of a united opposition to mobilise the people to vote in large numbers. On election day we must overwhelm their rigging strategy by voting in such numbers that will ensure a decisive win in real terms and we must be prepared go onto the streets to defend that vote if ZANU PF tries to rig and steal the result.

Right now, there is a sense of déjà vu in Zimbabwe. It is happening all over again — bank queues, cash shortages, queues at filling stations, groceries disappearing from supermarket shelves; all the signs are that crippling inflation is on the way, it is back to 2008 or even worse. We have already seen what happens when 60% of eligible voters fail to vote. The people of Zimbabwe can prevent that from happening again by registering and voting in numbers never seen before. Together we can do it!

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