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ZUNDE urges mass public demonstration

by Moses Chamboko
25 September 2017

This madness must end! It is time to finally get rid of Mugabe and ZANU PF — and the way to do it is by a mass demonstration of public sentiment.
In the not so distant past, we watched the protests and demonstrations of the Arab Spring in the countries of North Africa and there were rumblings that a similar uprising could free Zimbabwe. It would take months of sustained public protest by Zimbabweans to bring down the government and to have people continuously protesting on the streets would be to invite a violent and murderous backlash from the ZANU PF controlled military, police and militias.

However, a mass demonstration of public sentiment we must have, and we must maintain the rage throughout the months leading up to the 2018 elections.Who did you encourage today to register and vote?

It is time to rebel against the poverty, unemployment, economic collapse, corruption, impunity and oppression that blight the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans under ZANU PF and have forced millions of our compatriots to flee our homeland.
It is time to reject the systemic corruption and shameful looting by the ruling elite that have brought our country to its knees.
The desperate plight of our country must light a fire in the bellies of Zimbabweans and fuel a simmering, controlled anger to drive a sustained mass movement that will endure through the months ahead.

ZUNDE calls on the people of Zimbabwe to mount a sustained mass public demonstration by registering and voting in numbers never seen before.
ZUNDE calls on all opposition groups to unite in this campaign to inspire every eligible Zimbabwean to enrol and vote.

Faced with the prospect of looming elections, Zimbabweans must ask themselves some serious questions:
• Which is better between participating and boycotting the 2018 election?

• Is it not futile to participate in yet another election conducted by the ZANU PF controlled ZEC with the same inevitable rigged result?

Boycotting is not an option. A boycott would simply give Mugabe and ZANU PF a free pass to continue in power for another five years. Even if significant numbers boycott the elections, given the multiplicity of opposition parties, some of them creations of ZANU PF, there are those who will participate anyway. They may even congratulate Mugabe for winning the election thereby giving legitimacy to a flawed process and results.

Ideally, we would want electoral reform and transparency before going into another election but we have to accept the reality of Jonathan Moyo’s often repeated assertion that Mugabe and ZANU PF are not going to reform themselves out of power. To them, a free and fair election is political suicide. We have to carry on regardless and achieve by force of numbers what we are unable to bring about by electoral reform.

Fewer than 40% of eligible voters have cast their votes in previous elections. It is the 60% who do not vote who have made it possible for ZANU PF to control the electoral process and determine the outcome. If you do not vote, it is hollow and futile to cry foul afterwards.

This time we must register in huge numbers, vote against ZANU PF in huge numbers and fiercely defend that vote if the election result is rigged. One thing that is certain about ZANU PF supporters is that they will always turn out to vote even if they do not know what they are voting for. This time it is up to the rest of us to turn things around and end the madness by turning out to vote in unprecedented numbers. That is the mass public demonstration that Zimbabwe needs. Continued next page...

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