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MDC squabbles risk derailing the democratic struggle continued...

If MDC-T is now at the stage where they have to have a new leader, the best option - and the most democratic one - is to go to elective Congress and put the matter to rest once and for all. Surely it must be clear to them that time is fast running out. In New Zealand last year the opposition Labour Party elected a new 37-year-old leader who went on to win an election and become Prime Minister just 7 weeks later. While such a feat is possible, it is an exception not the rule. The MDC is running out of time.

The splits of 2005 and 2013 are still fresh in people's minds. While Tsvangirai survived both, in 2018, if any split were to happen, it would probably be the end of the MDC. That must be avoided at all costs. Zimbabweans have been in limbo for a very long time. They now need to get on with their lives. They cannot continue to be subjected to those who seem to enjoy playing political games. They need relief and if they can get it from the reformed ZANU PF, that is exactly where they will go. In any case, the democratic fight is not about replacing ZANU PF with the MDC. Rather, it is about putting in place a truly democratic dispensation in our country that brings freedom, equality and prosperity. Whoever delivers that will prevail.

When the MDC went into the GNU, one of their arguments was that they used Solomon-like wisdom to make that difficult choice. They did not want the country to collapse. Why are those who used biblical wisdom to get into bed with ZANU PF, now not applying their self-proclaimed wisdom to resolve their internal differences? Their public squabbles must be resolved as a matter of urgency so that people can focus on the next election without unnecessary distraction. Our struggle is not about self-aggrandisement. Rather, it is about creating a peaceful, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe.

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