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It is time we had leaders who listen continued...

Surely, Zimbabwe does not have a shortage of quality candidates.

Leaders who listen do not resort to inflammatory or derogatory language each time they take to the podium. Rather, they articulate issues, policies and programmes. They talk about peace, love, reconciliation, prosperity and opportunities.

Election 2018 is probably going to be the most interesting after the 1980 plebiscite. This is not because we do not have Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe in the ring. It is because for the first time, Zimbabweans are going to scrutinise and assess candidates based on their ideas and policies as opposed to which party they belong. That is the mistake we have made in previous elections. In 2008, we voted for many candidates whom we did not even know. It was about the party, not the candidate. This must and will change.

On social media, I have observed that Zimbabweans are so polarised. They almost threaten to harm those who do not say what they want to hear. It is blind supporters and shameless parrots who create bad leaders for us. Their candidate is always right and the opposing candidate is always wrong. That is utter rubbish! There are no angels in politics and there are no infallible politicians.

As we prepare for one of the most crucial elections ever, I urge my fellow Zimbabweans to move away from emotion and embrace objectivity. After July 30, whoever wins or loses, Zimbabwe will still be there. Let us look closely at what our leaders do. Let us listen carefully to what they say. Are they making sense? If yes, let us vote for them. If no, let us ditch them. It is that simple.

We do not belong to political parties. Rather we belong to Zimbabwe. Let us do the best thing for our country. Let us even vote for a candidate from another party including independents, if they make more sense. We only have one chance in 5 years to make this decision. Let us choose wisely. We do not want to be stuck with zombies or arrogant winners after the election — we would be the losers.

Do not feel sorry if you are not decided yet. It is OK to delay your decision until the very last minute. For now, listen to their messages, watch their actions and analyse carefully.

It is time we had leaders who listen.



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