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Mnangagwa seems to be on track

by Moses Chamboko
13 September 2018President Emmerson Mnangagwa

It is a matter of public record that, from inception, ZUNDE fiercely and consistently fought against President Mugabe and his destructive policies.

On 24 October 2013, we came together to advance the agenda for a peaceful, democratic, free and prosperous Zimbabwe. We contended that this could be delivered by a genuine, effective and inclusive grand coalition and we campaigned vigorously for a united opposition. Paradoxically, President Mnangagwa’s ZANU PF government now seems to be better placed to deliver on this national aspiration after a grand coalition failed to materialise.

On 24 November 2017, ZUNDE issued a statement in which we welcomed the downfall of former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and the beginning of a new era.

We gave credit to and saluted the people of Zimbabwe who had been fighting against Mugabe for the last two decades even when the military and war veterans were fiercely and solidly behind him. We thanked the military and war veterans for finally standing by the people. We also challenged future governments to abandon forever any sense of entitlement to rule our country. We reminded them that Zimbabwe belongs to its people of all races.

We also took the opportunity to congratulate the incoming President E.D. Mnangagwa and wished him well as he picked up the pieces of a broken nation. ZUNDE reminded him that the responsibility for healing and rebuilding had now been placed on his shoulders. We called upon the new president to embrace his role as national leader of all people and not only of his party. We also implored him to desist from propaganda and sloganeering that might be appropriate for ZANU PF rallies but not in statements by the country’s President.

Most importantly, we called upon the President to focus on the following as a matter of priority:

1. Establish good governance and the rule of law. This would require transforming the corrupted civil service and judiciary. – While this is work in progress, a lot still needs to be done. Strong institutions of good governance need to be put in place. The government must come harder on corruption. We are not aware of any successful high profile prosecution for corruption. Retiring those overdue for retirement including some Permanent Secretaries is only the beginning, not the end of civil service transformation. A new values-based culture of service, transparency, accountability and respect (STAR) needs to be established in the civil service.

2. Implement sound policies that will attract investment, revive the economy, and promote creation of jobs for our youths. Our commercial farmers of all races who want to return must be allocated land to farm in order to restore the agriculture sector, guarantee food security, and provide employment in rural areas. All farm seizures must stop immediately as must haphazard land redistribution carried out solely for political expediency. Zimbabwe should again become the breadbasket of southern Africa and never have to import food except in situations such as severe drought. – We are pleased that this plea has not fallen on deaf ears. The appointment of Professor Mthulisi Ncube to drive economic revival is a step in the right direction. The Cabinet composition looks fair and sound. New ministers must be performance-managed not micromanaged. They must be empowered to deliver and those who fall short must be relieved of their duties.

3. Initiate and implement a process of genuine healing and reconciliation to revive the spirit of the nation and return the country to normalcy. – There is still some work to be done in this space. We hope people such as Dumiso Dabengwa and others will be considered to give impetus to this noble but important initiative. We renew ZUNDE’s call for an independent Truth and Reconciliation Commission to be established. Continued next page...


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