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Zimbabweans protest in Canberra

by Denis Moyo Hunt
22 July 2016

Zimbabweans in Australia travelled to the nation's capital to demonstrate outside the Embassy of Zimbabwe on Thursday 21 July.

Robert Mugabe’s Ambassador hid from them. The doors were locked and staff peeped throught the window curtains at the protestors across the road.

We had travelled so far. You would think that the least the Ambassador could do would be to have offered his fellow citizens refreshments and access to a bathroom!

Canberra protestorsWe came in peace to deliver our message. Our quarrel was not with the Ambassador and his staff but with the Govenment of Zimbabwe that they represent. Thank you to the Australian Federal Police We sympathised with them – we knew they have not been paid for months.

But we know the Ambassador heard us. We know his staff could hear us. We know they got our message that Zimbabweans have had enough of Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF government. We stood in solidarity with #ThisFlag. Hatichada! Hatichatya!

Speakers included journalist and human rights activist Felix Simba Machiridza, #This Flag's representative Allan Chidziva, and ZUNDE's Moses Chamboko.

Moses spoke of how this protest was a realisation of ZUNDE's founding vision of 24 October 2013 to bring different groups together in a common cause for freedom, justice and wellbeing for all Zimbabweans. He condemned 4 vices that epitomise life under Zimbabwe's current government: injustice, corruption, unemployment and poverty. He said a new generation of visionary and transformative leaders is ready and willing to take Zimbabwe forward. They are demanding to be given their chance.

Thank you to the Australian Federal Police

The Australian Federal Police detachment that was on duty quickly realised that we were not going to cause a disturbance. We were not sure whether they were there to protect the Embassy from us or to protect us from the Embassy. They were courteous and friendly and enjoyed our singing and dancing.

They were interested to hear about why we were there and they did not even bother to unload the crowd control barriers thet that had brought on a trailer. We thank them for coming.

There was no sign of helmets, riot shields, sjamboks, water cannon, dogs or tear-gas canisters. These Australian Federal Police were a fine example of policing in a free and democratic country.

Felix Machiridza read out a petition that we had prepared to hand to the Ambassador. Read the full text here.

The protest concluded with the singing of the National Anthem of Zimbabwe.

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