Fear in not an option
Zimbabweans United for Democracy ... Determining our own future ... We demand real change ... Fear is not an option ... Tiri kuvaka ramangwana redu ... Tinoda sanduko chaiyo ... Hatichatya ... Siyakha elakusasa lethu ... Sifuna inguquko yobala ... Asikhethi ukwesaba ...



ZUNDE exists to bring about change in Zimbabwe and to improve the life of every Zimbabwean but we can't do that without you.

ZUNDE's administration is carried out by unpaid volunteers. However we need your help to fund ZUNDE's activities on the ground in Zimbabwe.

Every contribution, no matter how small, will help to make a difference. Your donation means a great deal to our team on the front line. With your donations, we can provide for their needs.

If you would like to take care of a particular need, click here.


Direct Deposit into ZUNDE's Bank Account

You can make a direct deposit into ZUNDE's bank account.

Account Name:

Zimbabweans United for Democracy


Westpac Bank, Shop T, 105 Midland Gate Shopping Centre,
Midland Gate, Western Australia 6056

Branch BSB Number:


Account Number:


Swift Code:




Confirmation by email

email buttonTo ensure that your payment is applied to your designated purpose, please send an email to ZUNDE whenever you deposit funds into our account. In your email, please specify the amount of your payment and the purpose for which you have made it. We will reply to confirm that your donation has been received.


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