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Justice Benjamin Paradza, President of ZUNDEBenjamin Paradza

Justice Benjamin Paradza, exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe, was unanimously elected as President of ZUNDE at an Extraordinary General Assembly in Harare on 6 August 2016.

Benjamin Paradza is a genuine war veteran and a hero of the liberation struggle. He was appointed to the bench of the High Court of Zimbabwe in 2000 where he became a champion of the rule of law.

He earned the ire of Robert Mugabe by refusing to be yet another compliant judge who would accommodate the political ends of the head of state by ignoring or bending the law.

He fled Zimbabwe in fear of his life when trumped up charges were brought against him in 2006. Justice Paradza now practices as a barrister in New Zealand while continuing his fight for good governance and the rule of law in his native country.


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