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ZUNDE's Position on National Issues

ZUNDE takes a carefully considered stand on national issues such as

• Governance - with special emphasis on the rule of law

• Security Sector

• Displaced Persons & Diaspora

• Atrocities & Human Rights Abuses

• Land Reform and Agriculture

• Corruption and Looting

• Democratic Coalitions

• National Elections

• National Development

• Services - Health and Education

• Traditional Leaders

• Religion

• Economic Revival

• Respect for Human Rights and Inclusivity



















ZUNDE's Policy Statement

For three years now ZUNDE has been involved in a process of carefully setting out our Statement of Policy involving wide-reaching consultation with all sectors of the community both at home and in the Diaspora.

We are currently revising our policy documents with a veiw to presenting our positions and policies in plain language with clearly defined, achievable goals.

We will publish ZUNDE's Policy Statement on this website in the near future.

In the meantime, we refer you to About Us, Our Vision and Mission and Our Values.


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