Fear in not an option
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Our New Logo

New ZUNDE logoA good logo does not need any explanation. Its meaning is self-evident.

Take time to reflect on

• the interlocked hands,

• the symbols of Zimbabwe,

• the meaning of ZUNDE, and

• the unity of the circle.





Our Masthead

The masthead on our web pages features the new ZUNDE logo, balancing rocks, and African animals as night gives way to day.

Balancing rocks at EpworthBalancing rocks are a charactristic of the Zimbabwean landscape. The Chiremba balancing rocks at Epworth used to be portrayed on our banknotes and they remind us of what has been lost through mismanagement, greed and corruption.

Giraffe headThe giraffe stands tall above the fray and is able to take an overall view of the situation.

African elephantsThe elephant portrays wisdom, the strength of the indivudual and the unstoppable momentum achieved by acting together.

Zimbabwe sunrise

There is an air of excited anticipation as a glorious new day is just about to dawn...

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