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The ZUNDE team on the ground in Zimbabwe is hampered by a lack of resources. We have had to "rob Peter to pay Paul" in some cases to make our limited funds go around.

Can you pick up the tab for one of these?

We need two Isuzu 4x4 all-terrain vehicles to enable ZUNDE teams to travel into the provinces to spread the ZUNDE message. New vehicles are $US48,000. Second hand vehicles in good condition from $US30,000.
The ZUNDE team on the front line in Zimbabwe needs four laptop computers at $US800 each  
ZUNDE's Harare office needs a heavy duty multifunction laser printer (with print, copy and scan functions) at $US990.  
We need to fund regular ZUNDE training seminars in Harare, in Bulawayo and in the provinces. Costs include hire of venues, training materials, meals for participants and assistance with their travel expenses. Average cost: $US1,000 per seminar.  

urgent needs collage

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