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Our Values

ZUNDE is driven by the realisation that we are masters of our own destiny. We cannot lose sight of the realisation that we are first and foremost our own liberators. Therefore we cannot outsource the fight and struggle to our neighbours or the international community. Our policies are developed in consultation with all stakeholders and guided by the following FAIR core values:Fairness Fairness graphic

Fairness and equal opportunity for all in social justice, rule of law, respect for the sanctity of life, individual choice, access to and distribution of national resources for all regions and races.

Accountability of all institutions of government, understanding that the government of the day shall never rule against the wishes of the people. Policy formulation, implementation and reporting must come from the people through consultation with the people in a transparent manner.

Inclusiveness – every Zimbabwean has a right to participate in and be consulted on all matters of national importance. The equality of regions, races and tribes shall be upheld. There shall be no impunity for those who have committed crimes against humanity on our people and the rule of law shall prevail at all times.

Respect – The divergence and diversity of views is to be respected. Traditional and religious leadership shall be fully recognised as custodians of social fabric and moral values. All national heroes, fallen and living, progressive freedom fighters, and heroes of the pro-democracy movement shall have their rightful honour. National institutions, hardworking citizens in public and private service, deserve respect and recognition. All Zimbabweans shall have the same status, be they resident or non-resident. We respect our sovereignty as well as that of our neighbors and the international community.

These values will be vigorously enforced to ensure zero tolerance for the cancer of corruption, entitlement and impunity that has infected many in politics, civil service and business in Zimbabwe. ZUNDE will ensure that it will never be a haven for such evil.


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