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We are ZUNDE and ‘zunde’ is what we do.

‘Zunde’ is a Shona word that means coming together and combining our efforts to tackle a common problem.

ZUNDE (Zimbabweans UNited for DEmocracy) is a movement calling on all Zimbabweans worldwide, regardless of race, religion, social status or political affiliation, to combine their efforts to free our country from a dictatorship that has vowed to stay in power at any cost.

ZUNDE is a unifying political movement. We are in dialogue with political parties and we are in competition with none.

ZUNDE is a catalyst for interaction that will generate a critical mass to usher in principled government in Zimbabwe.

ZUNDE is forward looking. We refuse to remain stuck in the past and we are determined to shape our own future. We have fought and won our independence. We have reconciled with our fellow Zimbabweans of all colours, tribes and faiths. Now is the time to look to the future and become the best we can be as civilized people. Our problems are not in the West nor are our solutions in the East. Our problems are the greedy jackals among our own people and the false prophets among us who have worn us down. Our solutions are within our own hearts and in our own hands.

ZUNDE seeks to transform our politics once and for all. We seek to establish the politics of values rooted in the traditions of Hunhu/Ubuntu, and we reject the politics of personalities. We seek to establish a peaceful, free, democratic, and prosperous Zimbabwe based on good governance, equality of citizens, and the rule of law.

ZUNDE is about finishing the revolution started by our ancestors and the heroes of the liberation struggle whose primary aim was to usher in a democracy based on the wishes and aspirations of the people. Let us rid Zimbabwe of the extremes of poverty and develop our national resources that are being plundered by a greedy few.

Our fallen heroes would be disgusted to see our failed state that hardly represents the ideals of the liberation struggle. Corrupt political parties have disrespected and shamed every soul that participated in the liberation struggle. Our struggle for freedom and democracy has been hijacked by their greed and relentless pursuit of power.

ZUNDE is calling every Zimbabwean: ordinary men and women, progressive war veterans, progressive politicians, workers unions, student movements, scholars, business communities, all those in the Diaspora, and especially our youth, to confront the crisis of leadership and governance that is crippling Zimbabwe and to come up with solutions that can bring REAL CHANGE to our country, our people and our economy. Together we can do it — The “impossible” is only a state of mind.

Zimbabwe can no longer tolerate the corrupt and evil forces that are strangling the life out of our nation. We can no longer tolerate violent oppressors who condemn the whole nation to poverty and hopelessness.

Enough is enough! We cannot keep quiet any more. We refuse to be afraid. It is time to stand up to them.