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Our Inspiration

ZUNDE stands on the shoulders of giants. We walk in the footsteps of genuine war veterans who fought for the values of freedom, equality and wellbeing for all Zimbabweans while others battled for personal aggrandisement, wealth and power.

Inspired by Joshua Nkomo, Josiah Tongogara, Edgar Tekere, Wilfred Mhanda and others who stood up to Mugabe and his cronies, we pledge ourselves to continue the fight to free Zimbabwe from the evil that blights our country and oppresses our people.

Wilfred Mhanda, a ZANLA hero who became one of Mugabe’s fiercest critics, was one of ZUNDE’s foundation leaders until his passing in May 2014. His wisdom, experience, and commitment to the principles of the liberation struggle moulded our leadership group.

Joshua Nkomo, Angelina and Josiah Tongogara, Edgar Takere, Wilfrid Mhanda
We stand on the shoulders of giants.
Joshua Nkomo, Angelina and Josiah Tongogara, Edgar Takere, and
Wilfrid Mhanda.

Among our leaders today is Benjamin Paradza, a former guerilla commander in the liberation struggle. As a Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe from 2001 to 2006, he defied Mugabe’s attempts to install a tame judiciary and his insistence on the rule of law resulted in him fleeing Zimbabwe in fear of his life. Justice Paradza now practices as a barrister in New Zealand while continuing the fight for good governance and the rule of law in his native country.

Exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe, Benjamin Paradza.
Benjamin Paradza
Exiled Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe
President of ZUNDE

In a widely published article The future we want, Benjamin Paradza wrote:

At ZUNDE, we want to see the will of the people respected. If people elect a party they want to run the affairs of government, so be it. I also want to have a voice to speak for the people I represent. Freedom of association must be sacrosanct. Freedom to speak and to be heard in matters of governance is what I cherish most. I want to see the people’s fundamental rights and freedoms respected.

Above all, I want to see respect for the rule of law, institutional and individual independence of Judges. In short, I will be happy if we achieve a functional democracy free of encumbrances and fetters on the rights of our people. These are the values that must guide us above all things including who runs government…

…ZUNDE sees politics as an activity for humble, moderate and genuine men and

women who love freedom, prosperity and development. The engine for all this is good governance; creating institutions that channel wealth back to our people in a well-managed social welfare system that uplifts the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans. We believe in the rule of law, in its totality.

ZUNDE will always reject any self-promoting, vainglorious leader. We absolutely reject the corruption, cronyism, tribalism, and politics of personality, entitlement and impunity that characterise politics in Zimbabwe today. We enthusiastically embrace the politics of values: honesty, integrity, openness and transparency that are the foundation of a sustainable democracy.

In our Zimbabwe there is no place for any kind of corruption — from the smallest of bribes to the monstrous plundering of our common wealth that have destroyed our economy and crippled our society.

We seek and support national leaders who understand that election to public office is a vocation to public service, a call to work selflessly and tirelessly for the freedom, equality, and wellbeing of all Zimbabweans.